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Art Requirements

Disks Accepted

Send disk of original artwork with original files as well as converted files on CD-ROM.


E-Mail Art

E-Mail will be accepted. Vector art files and small picture files can be e-mailed. Larger files with pictures need to be sent on disc or uploaded at our ftp site. You need to fax a black and white layout so that we can confirm the file we received is correct. You need to compress the files using either Stuff it for mac or Winzip for pc. This keeps the file from becoming corrupted during the process. Upload artwork to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



We can print out of either Mac or PC, but we prefer PC. The two main programs we use are Photoshop and Illustrator. Send your art in Photoshop for pictures and scans and Illustrator for type, logos and line art. We would prefer to have the work in these applications. We can also accept the following applications (BUT, they must be saved as Photoshop/Illustrator files) : CorelDraw (8 for Mac and 9 for PC), Freehand 9.0 and QuarkExpress 4.0.

Quark, Illustrator, Freehand, and CorelDraw files can use placed pictures and place vector files as well as type created in the program itself. If you send files in these formats be sure to include all placed images in their native programs (ie. Photoshop). Placed images will not print without the file to reference back to. Also be sure to include any and all fonts used in the program.

Send the artwork as vector files with the fonts converted to curves. This is very important! Send all fonts used in the artwork, both printer and screen parts. Do not send vectored raster files, these files cannot be edited.

Have artwork scaled to proper proportions and resolutions. It is very important that the pixel file is sufficient resolution or the file will look jagged or blurry when printed. Best case is to send the artwork as vector files with the fonts converted to curves. Also use an easy scale such as 1:1 where one inch equals one foot. Whatever scale you use, be consistent with all the files.

Prepare photos at 100 % actual size. Files in Photoshop should be created at 300 to 600 DPI resolutions. Picture files should be between 40 and 120MB to be of proper resolution at press.

Artwork should be between 100-120dpi at FULL size.


Color/Hard Copy

All artwork must be accompanied by a hard copy including specific colors. Jobs will not go to press without customer approval unless accompanied by a hard copy. Send CYMK or PMS colors. If colors are not available, send the brochure or color output you would like matched. All colors specifications will be matched to the closest four-color process. Note: not all colors can be achieved in the four color-color process. Orders will not be accepted without color specifications. Callbacks for color will result in additional charges and delays if not received in time to achieve deadlines. We do not print fluorescent or metallic colors.


Pre-press Time/Pre-production Services

Standard pre-production services include basic composition of computer ready art pieces, transparencies or prints. Minor retouching may be done without incurring extra fees. Fees for major retouching, cloning or color will be quoted on a per job basis.

Questions Contact:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , 1-888-573-0699

Glenn Horstmann